Weight Tracking / Weight Chart

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Weight Tracking / Weight Chart

The Weight Tracking feature allows you to enter resident weights for specific dates. The system will automatically track the dates and look for any potential weight loss/gain problems. If any potential problems are discovered, you will see the flags indicated. The flags are displayed both on the weight entry screen and the weight history report.

The system analyzes for the following four conditions:

+/- 5 Lbs. for the past 30 days

+/- 5 % for the past 30 days

+/- 7.5 % for the past 90 days

+/- 10 % for the past 6 months

The recorded dates must fall within the indicated time period in order for the conditions to be flagged. In other words, if you record a weight of 120 lbs. on January 1st and a weight of 100 lbs. on February 10th, only the 90 day condition is flagged. February 10th is not within 30 days of the first weight given. The system uses a five day grace period when calculating the number of days between recorded dates.

To enter a weight for a resident:

1.From the Residents column, enter the resident to add a weight.

2.Select your resident from the list.

3.From the Clinical select Weight tracking.




4.Enter or select the date. Today's date is automatically filled.

5.Enter the weight, then click Add Weight

6.If you want to edit a Date and Weight, place your mouse over the desired entry then click Edit.

7.To delete an entry, select it from the list and click the red X and confirm deletion.

8.To print a weight chart for the resident, click on the “chart” icon on the right.


9.The weight chart for the dates selected will be displayed.