Group Foods

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Group Foods

What is a Group Food?

The group food feature is primarily used to reduce the number of items in a resident's dislikes and allergies list and to make updating the resident profiles quick and easy. This feature also makes diet combinations much easier.





The object of this feature is to create a group food name to include all of the foods that meet the criteria or all of the items that have a common identifying factor.

For example, you could create a group food called Tomato Products. Within this group, you would select and add all of the food items in your food items database that contain tomatoes. You could do the same for any common dislikes or allergies you find as you are creating your resident profiles. Common groups include Fish Group, Chocolate Group, Hot Cereal, Cold Cereal, Milk Group, Cheese Group, etc.

The benefits of using a group include:

Time savings. For each resident profile, instead of individually choosing each of the items for a particular group, you choose the group name.

Dynamic updating. If you add a new item to your Master Items List, you can add it to as many of the group foods as necessary. This automatically updates any of the profiles using the group foods.

Additional Reporting. When using group foods you can print a report called an Allergy and Intolerance List that will detail for you all of the group foods on each resident's profile.

           Because of these benefits, we strongly suggest that you take the time to create the group foods as you come across a need for them. Doing so will make your system run smoother and save you time.



Creating and Maintaining Group Foods

The Group Foods utility is a powerful tool designed to assist in Menu and Resident Profile development. It allows you to group similar food items under one Master Item name. This Group can then be used in resident's dislikes and allergies.





When you make the selection "Group Foods" from Details > Food Items, you are presented with all current food groups.

To create a new Group:

Click Add a Group, Enter the name for the new group and click Save. It is strongly recommended that "group" be included in the Group Food name ("Seafood Group" rather than "Seafood") to help differentiate the group from other food items in the Master Items List.

Now you need to add the food items for the new group. Click the group food you just created to select it.

In the Add Items to group box on the right start typing the item you want to add to the food group in the Search field. This displays all items that match your entry. You can select one item, multiples, or "Select All" to select all items displayed. Click Add to add the selected items to the group.





To Edit the items in an existing Food Group:

Select the food group you want to edit.

The items in that food group are displayed in the group contents on the right.

If you're deleting an item select it then click the X displayed to the right of the item.

If you need to add an item to the group, enter the item in the search field under Add Items to Group.


  MealTracker displays a message that the items were successfully added to the group.