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Dining Order

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The Dining Order feature allows you to create dining orders with residents assigned to meal dining order so that when the tray tickets are printed, they can be in the serving sequence you decide on.




You can name the dining orders according to any sequence which accommodates the order which the serving staff will distribute the meals.

For instance if you serve your trays by dining room, you might want to name the dining orders by dining room and table number or you might want to name the dining orders by floor or wing section of the facility.


         Select this option from the Residents Column section. The form shown below is displayed.





The form defaults to Dining Order #1 for the Breakfast meal.

Search Resident:

To see the dining order a resident is in, enter the room or name of the resident in the "Find Resident” in the search box. MealTracker will jump to and display the resident in the dining order they are assigned to.

Dining Order Name:

To change the name of the dining order, click the dining order then "Edit". Enter the name you want to assign the dining order then click Save.

To select the Dining Order you want to add / remove or change:

Select the meal tab - Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

The Dining Orders for that meal is displayed on the left in order.

Place your mouse over the Dining Order you want to edit or remove. The options appears in red for you to make a selection.

Add Resident to Dining Order:

To add a resident to the dining order, click the plus sign under "Option". This will open an empty slot. Type the name or room number of the resident to add.

Modifying the Dining Order:

To change the Dining Order, click to the left of the dining order name. You will see a double arrow. Click up or down arrow, dependent on how you want to re-arrange the dining order. The dining order is moved to the new position.

Clear Dining Order:

By selecting Clear Dining Order, you will remove all of the residents assigned to that dining order.

Room number / Resident name:

By selecting on the corresponding option, you will change the order to either resident room number or by resident name.


To delete a resident from a dining order, highlight the resident then click the red X to the right of the resident name. Confirm the deletion.


 Note: Any changes made to a dining order are carried out only for the meal tab selected. If you want to copy one dining order to a dining order in another meal follow the "Copy Dining Order" instructions below.

Copy Dining Order:

If a Dining Order from one meal is going to be exactly as the dining order from another meal, you can copy the Dining Order. Click Copy Dining Order to copy the order and residents from one or more dining orders to those dining order(s) in another meal.

Make your selections in the Meal to Copy From column and Meal to Copy To column.

Select the dining orders to copy (you can select one or more dining orders to copy) then click Copy.

The dining orders is copied and the system will return you to the dining order Management page.

You can print dining order names on tray tickets by selecting that option in the Tray Ticket Options in the Setup Options page.

There is also an option available to create Resident Groups based on Dining Order(s). The advantage of using this option is that the Resident Group is automatically updated when the Dining Order is changed. See Resident Groups in the Setup Options folder.