Units of Measure

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Units of Measure

The Unit of Measure (UOM) is how a specific food item is proportioned to determine the size or quantity. Although most items are measured in ounces, you can also measure items by the cup, slice, serving, or other measurement unit.

The Units of Measure page allows you to add, change, and delete units of measure.

The system includes standard units of measure. The only changes that should be made to the Units of Measure are in the appearance or abbreviation (Oz = Ounce). They must be equivalent in the significance or meaning (EA=Each; Slice = SL, Serving = Srv).

Do not change the meaning or connotation as this will change throughout the program and can have undesirable results.





To Add a unit of measure:

Click Add a Unit of Measure.

Enter the name of the new unit of measure then click Save. The system will save the new unit of measure.

To Change a unit of measure:

Highlight the UOM you want to modify then click Edit.

Make you modification, then click Save.

To Delete a unit of Measure

Click the unit of measure you want to delete, then click the X. The system will prompt you to verify the deletion. If you want to continue respond with Yes, Delete.