Ticket Styles

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Ticket Styles

You can further 'stylize' your tray tickets to enhance their appearance. This screen allows you to change the font, color, background and style of each category listed on a tray ticket. By selecting the tray ticket category under "Style", you can then select the desired font, background or text color, style and other options. An example preview the tray ticket text as it appears (with certain options selected) is shown on the bottom of this screen.

If you are searching for a specific font, enter the name of the font in the "Name" field. The program will search that font for selection.





Sample of how a resident's tray tickets might look with stylization. This is a stylized ticket. You can experiment with the color, font, and backgrounds available to enhance those areas you feel are most important.





In the sample above, the resident's name is in red with a yellow background. The diet and diet note are in red/bold and the notepad text is in black bold.

Default Font:

You can set the default font. In the Tray ticket Styles column there is a "Default Font" selection. Select this option, set the font and font size to be your default.






To reset all font and font sizes back to the default settings you have pre-selected, click Reset All Fonts to Default Font at the bottom of the page.