Tray Tickets

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Tray Tickets

You can control how your tray tickets print. The sort order and style of the tray tickets can be modified according to your specific preferences.

The screen below is the screen for the general tray ticket options.





Print Settings:

Print By: Click either the Resident or Meal radio button

Sort By: Click how you would like the tray tickets sorted. By room numbers, dining order or resident name.

Tray Ticket portion Sizes: Select where on the tray ticket you would like to print the portion sizes or not at all.

Print Name/Room on bottom of page - Will print the resident's name and room on the bottom of the tickets as opposed to right below the notepad text.

Tray Ticket Identifier on bottom of tickets - Option for secondary resident identifier on tray tickets. Select which identifier to add to the bottom of the tray ticket. This option ONLY works if you have chosen to print the name on the bottom of the ticket and if you have the data chosen as the second identifier.

Monitor Text - The actual text that is printed on the ticket to monitor the resident.

Ticket Settings:

Double space ticket headings - Headings are double spaced

Print facility name on tray tickets - The facility name will print on the ticket

Print in reverse order - tickets will print in reverse order of the selections you have made here.

Print today's note - If you select this option, a text screen will pop up for you to enter a daily note (simple text) to print on the tickets.

Print Food Intake Monitor - If you make this selection. The ticket will print text on the ticket for consumption information. You can add text on the left in Tray Ticket Monitor, text to print on the ticket.

Print Dining Order Names on Tray Tickets - will print the dining order names on the tickets.

Print in All Caps: Will print the text on the tray tickets in Capitals.

Print Resident Last Name First - Will print the list with the last name first.

Use Scoop Sizes for Pureed - If you're using scoop sizes for pureed residents, selecting this option will print the scoop size on the ticket

Show Consistencies with Diet   .

General Options:

Select all acceptable Condiments - If this option is checked all condiments for an item are listed. If un-checked, it will list only the first condiment.

Sort Items on items on tickets by base category: Prints items on tickets in base category order

Category notes repeat - Will print item/category notes on all items within the same category. If un-checked will only print the category/item note on the first item in a category.


EHR Options: (This will only be available if you have an integration with your EHR)

Show EHR Food Allergies - This will print an food allergy that was sent from your integrated EHR on your tray ticket.