Thickened liquids Group

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Thickened liquids Group

Description: Recommended method for indicating thickened liquids for a resident. This method ensures the display on tray tickets and will produce a count on production sheets.

Creating a Thickened liquids Group


1.From Details > Food Items select "Group Foods".

2.Click Add.

3.Enter the group name: Thickened Liquids Group. When the group is created, you need to add the food items to be included in this group.

4.On the right hand side, search then add all the items to be included in the group. Basically, all liquid items. As an example, we will enter the word Juice. A window listing all the items with the word juice appears. Select the items that require to be thickened and click Add. You can select more than one by holding the control key down or you can click SELECT ALL to select all items listed. Repeat this step for all liquids that you would like to include in the group.



 thick liguids


       This section covers the process for creating the group that contains all of the Thickened Liquids. Please view the section in Settings for setting up Thickened Liquids to work with your resident profiles.