Thickened Liquids

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Thickened Liquids

This section in Setup Options allows you to set up the thickened liquids used within your facility. Once set up, there is a drop down list under Liquids to select a thickened liquids option in the resident profile. This assigns the item note to be used that corresponds with the type of thickened liquid selected.

***This setup requires that you already have group foods set up for Thickened Liquids and Thin Liquids. Refer to the section on creating Group Foods if you have not already set these up.






To add a new Thickened Liquids Name, click Add a Thickened Liquid.

Enter the new name to be used for the thickened liquids.

Select the group to apply the name to. In the last column, select or create the note (Nectar, Honey or Pudding Thickened).





* Add additional thickened liquids as needed until you have an entry for each level needed (honey, nectar, pudding, etc.).

When you click Next, the setup proceeds to a screen where you can select how to treat Thin Liquids for residents that are on Thickened Liquids.

*Thinned liquids are food items that would melt in room temperature. Therefore, because of the consistency change, a person may not be able to swallow it properly and might cause choking.




This section allows you to set up how to treat "Thin Liquids" that residents should not get. You can select a substitute, choose not to serve the item or completely skip this section of the setup.

You may add different substitutes for different groups if desired.  For instance if you wish to sub Magic Cup for Ice cream, then you must create an "Ice Cream" group then sub Magic Cup for ice cream.  Then create a different sub for other items such as pudding for a Jello group and so on.   Make sure that after adding each substitute you click on "Add" to add each group being substituted.  




* If a substitute is not selected, then MealTracker treats the items in the group as dislikes and they won’t be placed on the tray tickets. Choosing a substitute will ensure that the resident will always get a food item in place of the item being removed.

Select the Thinned Liquids Group (See the section on Group foods for instructions on creating a group food).

Type the replacement item in the search field to find and select the substitute.

 Select the portion size, then click Save.


The note appears on the tray tickets, selective menus and/or snack labels in the manner shown below.


thickened liguid note example


***When these thickened liquids are set up, they appear as a drop down menu in the resident profile where you can select the appropriate liquid consistency adjustment for the resident.