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If you are familiar with the use of browsers to access the Internet, you are probably aware of how you can use tabs to navigate within different web pages.

These tabs enhance how you use the product. You can accomplish much more with this added browser feature. Multi-tasking with MealTracker is simple to use. Following are some examples of how tabs can enhance your experience with MealTracker:

In the example below, there are three levels (highlighted) of tabs that are in use on this page, including sub-tabs and sub-sub-tabs.




       Browser tabs also allow you to have multiple instances of MealTracker opened at once.  This allows you to work in different areas of the program simultaneously.





       Some examples of how tabs can enhance your experience with Mealtracker:


       -Review the menu on one tab while entering special requests for a resident on another tab
       -Work on more than one resident profile simultaneously
       -Perform a universal search on one tab to assist you in entering resident information on another