Tablet Enhanced

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Tablet Enhanced


 MealTracker Mobile is designed for mobile devices and tablets. It provides quick access to the areas most commonly used in a mobile environment:

Resident Profiles

Entering Selective Meals

Resident Intake Studies.


When you log on to MealTracker, the program detects if you are accessing the program from a mobile device. If so, it displays the following screen:










Tap the button for the function desired and you go to that screen.

You can switch to the MealTracker full desktop version by tapping the switch to desktop version link at the bottom of the screen.

Home takes you to the Home screen shown above.

Cancel in a red oval button allows you to cancel an entry before you save it.

To log off tap on the Log Off button at the bottom of the screen.

* Refer to the Help file or the user guide for the full desktop version of MealTracker for detailed information regarding the desired function.