Special Requests

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Special Requests

Special Requests

Special Request Items is where you will enter any specific resident requests. The items listed in special requests take priority over any items on the menu. You can have an item replace a meal category (entree, starch, vegetable) or you can select not to replace a meal category. If you choose NOT to replace a meal category, the resident will receive the item above and beyond whatever is on the menu.

You can enter items for each meal and for specific days. When choosing what day, you can choose all days, specific days of the week, or specific cycle day numbers.

To add a special request item:

1. From the Resident profile screen, under the Preferences tab, select Special Requests. Click Add a Special Request to add a new item. An item. The item selection screen is displayed.





 2. On the left under "Food Item" is a search field. Start to type the food item you want to add and a list appears of all items with the letters you have typed. Select the item you want to include to the resident's Special Requests. Select the        portion size, Meal/Meal category, meal days or cycle days and expiration date if the selection is temporary.

You can edit the item you are selecting by clicking the Edit Food Item button

You can create a totally new item by clicking the Add New Food Item button.

 3. If you are replacing a category from that meal then click the drop down menu in the Meal category to replace and select the category to replace. This means that the resident will receive the item selected instead of the item on the menu        for that category.  If "none" is selected, the resident will receive both the item on the menu and the item in the special request, regardless of the category. Therefore, choose "None" if the resident is to get the item above and beyond whatever is on the menu.


 When the item has been added, all of the special requests for the resident are listed.




 Suspend, Un-suspend and Delete






Items can be suspended or temporarily disabled from printing on the resident's tray tickets by selecting the item by checking the box to the left of the item, then clicking the "Other Actions" menu, finally, select "Suspend" selected Special requests.

You can “unsuspend” items and Delete multiple items from this menu as well.

You can delete an individual item in the special request, place your mouse over the item and click the red X that is displayed. You are prompted to confirm the deletion. Once confirmed, the item is deleted.





To edit the item. Click the Edit link on the line item you want to edit.