Select Menus

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Select Menus

This section describes how to select what is displayed / printed and in what format to print your select menus.

The screen below is displayed when you click Selective Menu Options from the Tools/Options menu.





Print Settings:

Print By- Print by Resident, Meal or Single Meal

Sort Select Menus- Select how you want them sorted

Portion Sizes on Select Menus- Select where and if you want to print portion sizes on the menus.

Special Requests- Select if you would like to add or replace the special requests for select residents.

Item Justification- Would you prefer the items left, or center justified.

Remote Printing Service - check this box if you plan to print select menus at a remote location

Menu Options - Check all options desired

Margins- Adjust the margins for your select menus

Categories to Exclude- Select any categories you want to exclude from the select menu by meal.

Categories to Group as Meal Selection- Select the categories to bundle together to make a meal selection. For instance Entree, vegetable and starch would be a meal selection. When the select menu is printed, MealTracker will     automatically group the available meals by the meal categories selected