Resident "Other Actions"

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Resident "Other Actions"

The "Other Actions" menu allows you to select un-select line items and perform specified tasks for multiple items in the current resident profile tab. When the items are selected you have the choice of deleting the selected items, copying them to another resident, or deleting all items. In Special Requests you also have the ability to suspend any special requests that have been added. While suspended those special request will not print on the resident's tray ticket, but they are still maintained in the profile for use when they have been un-suspended.

 The "Other Actions" menu is available only when you have already added items or notes in that specific resident section.

The Other Actions menu is shown as a gear symbol as shown in the figure below. When you click the arrow, the drop down menu is displayed.





When you hover your mouse over an item, the check box, Edit and Delete (X) options are available. You can then make the desired selection by clicking the option. In addition, you can click the header check box to select all items (or remove check mark to deselect all items) then perform any additional function such as "Copy Selected..." or "Delete Selected".






The Copy function allows you to copy the selected items to another resident. When you select this option another window appears so that you can choose the resident to copy the selections to. The figure below shows the "Copy" feature in Category Notes, but remember you can use this feature anywhere where this option is available in the resident profile.