Resident Notes

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Resident Notes

This section in the resident profile describes how to add Category Item notes and notepad text in the resident profiles.




This function in MealTracker provides the user with the ability to enter Category and Item notes which will inform staff of any necessary equipment or precautions to be taken with certain items on the menu when served to the resident.

Category notes are attached to food base categories (Entree, vegetable, starch/cereal, and so on). Therefore any item within that category will have the note entered attached to it. Item Notes are attached to specific items such as hamburger, peas, bread, etc.


The notes appear on the tray ticket whenever that item or category is on the menu. They are also reflected on the production sheets. The system comes with pre-set notes. However you can add notes according to your needs. Some example notes are shown below:




The next three chapters distinguish each note and how they are applied in MealTracker.