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Resident Listing

This selection allows you to print resident reports.




 When you make this selection, the page below is displayed




Census Reports

Resident Census Report - General resident list with name, room number, diet and diet note.

Census with Notepad - displays the resident's notepad text

Census with Consistencies - will give a list of the residents selected with their consistency adjustment

Census with Dislikes - will give you a list of residents with dislike and allergies in their profile

Census with Allergies - will give a list of allergies entered in that section of the profile

Census with Menu Item subs – Residents with menu item substitutions

Census with category refusals – Residents with Category refusals

Census with portion adjustments

Census with thickened liquids

Census with dining order details

Census with last weight - displays the last weight entered for the resident

Census with days to monitor

Census with adaptive equipment


 Weight Reports

Weight -Standard weight report for residents selected with flags if any.

Weight Change - displays any weight change

Monthly Weight History - displays the IBW with the current, variance, 1,3 and 6 month weight variance

Weekly Weight History - displays any current, 2 week, 3 week and 4 week weight variance.

6 Month Weight History - displays the IBW and six month weight change, month by month.

2% Weight Variance - Displays any 2% or more weight change

Weight Recording Form - This option will give you a form that you can use to record weights for your residents. The column headings are optional and the order can be re-arranged. You can choose which titles to use and in which         order when you select this report.

Weight Summary - This report displays each resident on an individual sheet with the weights and other options selected in the format chosen.


 weight recording form





 From this page you can add, delete or move a column heading.

To add a new column heading, click Add a Column Heading. Enter the heading, then save. When done, click the Save Headings button.

To delete a column heading, place your mouse over the heading to delete, then click the red X on the right.

To move the order of a column heading click the up / down arrows on the left of the heading which are displayed when you mouse over the heading or click it.

Other Reports:

Resident Alerts -

Birthday List - Prints a report of the resident's birthdays, month by month

Diet Counts - Gives you a count of residents on each specific diet, consistency and portion size

Resident Labels - Prints labels of the residents with name, room number, and diet.

BMI Listing - Prints a list of all residents with their BMI (Body Mass Index)

Blank Summary Sheet - Prints a form of the residents in a spreadsheet format with blank daily columns

Special Request Summary - Prints a list of the special requests with totals and portion sizes for the day specified.

Special Request Details - Prints the resident names with their special requests, portion, meal, and category

Resident Consistency Report - Produces a report with a breakdown of the consistencies. It lists the residents with each consistency with meals and categories