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Resident Groups

You can create resident groups so that you can print tickets and/or reports separately for this group. To add, edit or remove resident groups. Select the Groups icon from the Residents column.





 Resident groups can be defined a few different ways. One of those ways is by "specifying" each resident that should be included. That is why they are referred to as "Specified" groups. The other types are defined by some characteristic of        the resident profile and are automatic. Resident characteristics include room number, resident status, dining order or a combination of each. Resident Groups are used to define groups of residents usually for printing or tallying purposes. If        you need a separate count for the residents served in the "East Wing", you could create a Resident group for those residents and print production sheets for those residents. When you have created resident groups, the system allows you to        select by group anytime you are printing reports or running the auto select process. The system automatically creates a resident group called "All Residents". Users cannot modify or remove this group. This ensures that you will always be        able to print reports, auto select, and tally for all residents. When creating resident groups, you can use the room numbers, dining order and resident status as the criteria for selecting what residents are to be included in the group.


When you select "Groups" the following page is displayed:





The Group "All Residents" will always be there and is not modifiable. If you have previously created other groups, they should appear here, such as in the example above.

See the next section to learn how to "Add" a new group