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MealTracker maintains a recipe database. The recipes included with the system are named MealTracker Recipes. MealTracker recipes can be used, viewed and printed but, cannot be modified in any way.




The system enables you to add, edit and delete your own recipes. All of these recipes may be used in planning your menus in MealTracker and in conjunction with the NutriTracker and CostTracker Modules.

Note: If you need to Import facility or Corporate recipes, please go to the section titled Import Recipes.

To work with Recipes, select the Recipe section of the Details Column.

Select the desired function within Recipes.

Functions within Recipe folder:

Change Recipe - Modify an existing facility recipe

Add New Recipe - Create your facilities own new recipe

Copy Recipe - Copy any existing recipe

Scaled Recipe - See recipes scaled to your specifications.

Table Format Recipe - View the original recipe for the original number of servings.

Standardized Recipe - View a recipe standardized for multiple servings

Recipe Listing - A report listing all recipes in the system (Recipe names only)

Export Recipes - Export your recipes to a file that can be imported into another MealTracker system.

Import Recipes -Import Recipes exported from a MealTracker computer into another MealTracker computer.

Cycle Menu Recipe Book - Allows you to create a listing for all the recipes on one or multiple cycle days