Production Jobs Types

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Production Jobs Types

The production option from Setup Parameters allows you to edit the production job types.


  Settings_Production_Production Job Types



Production job types are used to group food items together that are similar in texture, preparation, temperature, or other factors. The classifications assist in food item purchasing, preparation and reporting.

Some production types are cold foods, hot foods, beverages, and desserts as shown in the list above. These production job types can be modified to fit your facilities requirements.

The production sheet uses the job types to consolidate food items in each category and supply totals as in the sample below:





The Production Job Types screen displays the existing Job Types.

To add a job, click "add a job type", enter the name for the new job type. Then click Save.

To delete and existing Job Type, Select the job type and click the X. The system will confirm the deletion.

To change or edit an existing job type, click the job type then select Edit. . This allows you to make the changes within the line.

To edit the production job types assigned to specific food items, go to the Food Items folder, Production Order Worksheet.

Production job types can also be added or modified when adding a new food item, change a food item or from the Change Food items worksheet.