Tray Tickets

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Tray Tickets

 Use this option to print Tray Tickets for the week/day and meal desired.





This selection allows you to print tray tickets for the week(s) and day(s) selected.






 Select the menu cycle from the drop down menu, if it is not the active cycle.

Select the Week(s) and Day(s) from the calendar displayed

Check the box for "All Meals" or the meal you want to print for.

Select which resident(s) you want to print tickets for. You can select all residents, individual resident(s), a resident group, or a range of residents.

When the selections have been made, make your print selections from the "Output" column. Confirm the date and enable today's note if you want to use one. Click Print.

Additional Options:

"Print this Note"  -  Select if you want to print a ticket note

"Tally Meals" Select if you want to add the tickets printed to your monthly tally

"Update Selections" - This allows any changes made to the menu or resident profiles to be updates

"Ignore Special Requests” - Select this option if you want to leave out the Special Requests form the resident profiles.