Snack Forms

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Snack Forms

Use this feature under Daily Tasks / Print to print Snack Labels or Summary Sheets.




Selecting this feature from the task launcher, you are presented with this options window shown below.





To Print the Snack Labels:

Make your resident selection: All residents, individual resident, range of rooms or resident group.

Select the snack times to print labels for. All Times to print for all.

Select how you want to sort the labels

Select the Start and End date to include.

Select the font size:

Check the box "Show Consistency with Diet" if you want to display the Resident's required consistencies.

Click Print to generate the report

Snack Labels:


     Snack Labels:


 snack labels


  Snack Summary:

The snack summary sheet displays the resident's name with diet and diet note. It lists the snacks the resident receives with the portion size and snack times. As noted, the -no- in a column represent the days that particular snack is not served.


 snack summary