Selective Menus

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Selective Menus

 This option is used to print Selective Menus for Select Residents (residents that choose their own food items from the day's menu). If selected, this option will also print Blank Selective menus by diet.




 Both of these, list all food item choices listed on the menu and in the always offered (optional) , by resident or diet.

 Both include a short line next to each item for residents to check their preferences for the meal.

 The Blank Selective Masters also include blank lines at the top of the form for resident name and room number or their guest.


 To print either of these forms, choose Selective Menus in the Daily Tasks Column / Print.




         Make your resident selection

Choose the Cycle Menu (if different than the listed default menu)

Select the cycle days or weeks from the calendar.

Next, select the meal or all meals.

Select either Resident select menus or Blank masters (Blank Masters do not contain a resident name).

Check if you want category breaks (will place a space between meal categories).

Confirm the date for the printout.

Enter a note if desired. Ensure you check the "Print this Note" box.

Check the Paper Settings. Ensure you select the correct paper size and orientation.

Click Print to generate the select menus.


 The system will display a message that the menus are available for download. At this time, you may download and print or view the Select menus.


 Sample Select Menu is shown below:




         Note: See Settings > Printing > Select Menus for controlling several options (how and what will print) on the select menus.