Production Sheets

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Production Sheets

Production sheets display all of the food item totals on a menu for a specific day and meal. The production sheet reflects all of the food items printed on the tray tickets. The printout is categorized by production job type (cold foods, hot foods, etc.) for the day selected. The totals are listed by food item with portion sizes, consistencies, and item/category note breakdowns. One of the primary uses of the production sheets is to enable the kitchen staff to prepare the meals for the day specified.




If the Production sheets are printed right after the tray tickets, the dates should already be set for that date.

If you are printing for any other day, ensure to leave the box that says "Update Selections" checked to include any changes made to the menu or resident profiles.


To print the production sheets:

Select the cycle days desired for the report.

Select which meals you want to include on the report - You have the option of All Meals, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner/Supper

Select which residents to include on the report. You have the option of All Residents, Individual Resident(s), Range of Residents, or a Resident Group.

Select which job types to include

Select any print options you want to include

Select if you would like to combine portions or not to combine portion sizes - If you do not make a selection, MealTracker will only combine those items that have been specifically designated to combine portion sizes.






         Make the appropriate selections then click Show. The production sheet is displayed on the screen. Click Print, on the lower right hand of the page to send it to the printer.