Portion Adjustments

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Portion Adjustments


The portion adjustments allow you to specify large, small, or double portions for any meal category desired. This adjustment is done based on menu category. Adjusting the portion size in this screen automatically forces the system to place the small, large, or double portion on the resident's tray ticket.

The system reads the small and large portion size for each item from the master items list. The double portion is always twice the normal portion size. To review the portion sizes, you can look at the Portion Variation Worksheet under the Master Items List section or to review a single item, choose the Master Item Information Screen.

.To create a portion adjustment:

1.Select portion adjustment from the Resident Needs tab of the resident profile.

2.The current portion adjustments, if any, are displayed.

3.Click Add a portion adjustment to create a new adjustment. Select the category, meal and days you want to apply this new portion adjustment.

4.Select the portion desired from the "Adjusted Portion" drop down menu.

5.The new portion adjustment is added to the profile.





Edit / Delete Portion Adjustments:

If you want to edit that adjustment, select the portion adjustment and click Edit when displayed. To delete an adjustment, highlight the adjustment and click the red X, then confirm the deletion. If you want to delete ALL portion adjustments, click Delete All next to Add portion adjustment.

* You can also make a portion exception to specific food item(s) to override the above portion adjustment. See the sub-section for more information.