Nutrition Support List

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Nutrition Support List

The Nutrition Support List report, displays snacks and special requests of selected residents. The report can be used to satisfy survey requests or to supply a detailed list of foods served outside of what is served on the menu.

You can generate the report for all or specific food items. You can also select all residents, resident group or specific residents for the report.

To generate this report, click Reports from the tool bar. Then under Utility Reports and select Nutrition Support Report.

1.Select the residents for the report.

2.Select any options desired

3.Select the sorting sequence

4.Click Show to display the report


To select specific food items or grouped foods to show on the report, enter the food item in the search field in the Food Items section. Click Add to include those food items.




Start Date:

Click the calendar and select the desired start date for the report. The current date is the default date. The Nutrition report is designed to display for each day of the week starting with the date entered.

Click Show to display the report.