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The Notepad is the space on the bottom of the tray tickets beneath the three asterisks (***). It is a multiple line note area where you can type any information you like. We recommend that when setting up your system you decide what type of information you are going to include in the Notepad, and in what order. This will create consistent tray tickets and help the tray line run more efficiently. Note signifies that the item is for display purposes only, not for automatic menu selection. Each note instruction can have a corresponding tool that is used to accomplish the same instruction during automatic selection. For example, PUREED on the diet note should also be entered in Consistency adjustments.



Common Notepad information includes:

Feeding location (Eats in Room, Main Dining Room)

Tray Line condiments (Salt, Pepper, Sugar)


Feeding assistance.




If you wish to have the same Notepad for two or all three meals, click the check boxes provided. A report is provided (Census with Notepad) which will print a census list along with the first line of the resident's Breakfast notepad.