Menu Production Notes

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Menu Production Notes

The Menu Production Notes feature allows you to enter information to be printed with the production sheets for the Week/Day/Meal specified. Notes might include:

Pull/prep information.

Rotation of cleaning task reminders.

Any type of information you find yourself repeating each time through the cycle.

These notes are kept independently for each cycle. So you can keep the production notes unique to each menu cycle.

The page that appears when you make this selection is shown below:




Enter the note in the Production Notes text box. When you are done click Save Note to save notes.

If you want to copy your notes to other meals, days, or menus, Click Copy Notes.

You can select which cycle menus, cycle days, and meals to copy from. The system will automatically insert the same values in the "copy to" fields, but these can be changed as needed.

When ready click copy and the production notes are copied as required.