Menu Item Substitutions

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Menu Item Substitutions

This feature is a very specific feature that allows you to specify a food item (or group food) to  replace it with another specific food item. This is designed to make it easy for you to enter requests that take the form "When item X is on, serve item Y instead".

Some examples follow:

When French Toast is on , serve Scrambled Egg

When Baked Potato is on , serve Mashed Potato

You can choose group foods for either the item being replaced or the item you are serving. When you replace a group food, any item in the group is replaced. When you serve a group food, the system will choose one of the items from the group.

To Create a Menu Item Substitution:

1.  From the Resident profile screen, under Preferences, select Menu Item Substitutions. The screen displays any current menu item substitutions

2.  To add a new sub, click Add a Menu Item Substitution. A new form is displayed ready for you to enter the item being replaced with the item to replace it with.





         3.  Under the title "Food item to remove" enter the item you want to replace in the search field. Food Items with similar names appears on a list below. Select the item by clicking it.                

 4.  On the right search box, enter the item you want to replace it with. Again, similarly spelled items appear. Select the actual item, then the portion size.                

 5.  You have the option to create a new item if that item does not exist in the master food items database. If this is the case, click the Add new food Item button to create a new master item. Or Edit        Food item to edit the item                highlighted.        

 6.  When all the selections have been made, click Add to save and accept the new menu item substitution.