Menu Exceptions

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Menu Exceptions

Normally when building a menu, each menu item satisfies one meal category such as Entree, vegetable or starch.

Sometimes however, a food item can cover more than one category. An example would be a Casserole which contains a meat, vegetable and a starch. This item would then satisfy three categories and you want to avoid serving an additional starch or vegetable. This is when you would create a menu "exception". We call it a menu exception because this is an exception to the normal rule in which one food item represents only one category. Anytime you are serving an item which satisfies more than one meal category, you should enter the menu exception. This will prevent the system from choosing an item from the categories already filled by this selection.


1.  Menu Specific: You can enter Menu Exceptions directly from "Change Menu" when building or editing a menu from the Cycle. Exceptions created here, will not carry forward to other menus.




2.  Permanent: You can add an exception from the Food Item Exceptions selection under Food Items in the Details column. When you create exceptions here, they stay with the item every time you use it.





The difference is that with the Change Menu selection, you are working on a specific menu. Here you can add master food items with condiments, portion sizes, etc. in addition, you can add exceptions for that item for that specific item in the meal. The exceptions made in the change menu section are specific to this menu only. If you create the exceptions on the exceptions worksheet described below, it is maintained by the system anytime the food item is used.

The Food Item Exceptions is a worksheet where you work with the Master Food Items. You are not working with an actual meal or menu. The exceptions here are maintained by the system whenever the food item is used. The worksheet is a good place to quickly look up exceptions for a food item and a good place to enter multiple exceptions.


When you select Food Item Exceptions from the Details column on the home page, a page displays all of the food items in the system. Any item that has exceptions are in bold and have the exceptions displayed. You can edit any item by clicking the "Edit" link that appears when you mouse over the item. If you need to find a specific food item you can type the item in the search field then click search. The item appears, click Edit and the edit window appears so that you can select the exceptions for the item.