Meal Categories

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Meal Categories

 This page allows you to change, add, or delete meal categories. A meal category in MealTracker is the common factor in a group of foods that make up a complete meal. For example, the main food        item or "meat" (fish, beef, chicken, etc.)        would be classified as the Entree. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate would be a Hot Beverage. Potatoes, pasta and rice are classified as Starches. An after        changes made in this list are reflected in the base categories of the Master Items list.


To add a meal category, click Add a Meal Category and type the name of the new category in the Meal Category Name field.

Click Save when done.

To Change a category, select the category to change, click Edit, then modify the name, and click Save when done.

To Delete a category, select the category to delete, click the X. The system will prompt to confirm the deletion. MealTracker will prompt if you are replacing the deleted category with another. At this point if you respond with Yes,          you are asked to select the category to replace it with. If the category is in use, you will not see the X and are unable to delete it.