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The "likes" tab in the resident profile is where you list any items the resident wants to get as often as possible. The list is displayed alphabetically with an asterisk to the left of any group foods. When you enter items in the likes file, the system will serve the item even if it is on the menu as an alternate, thereby reducing your menu's variety. In an extreme case, if the item is also on the always offered menu, the resident would get the item every day! If the resident wants an item on a regular basis, you may want to consider using the Special Request Items to accommodate the request.


 The proper use of the likes list is to include items which the resident wants anytime they are available. To add items to the likes list, click the Likes tab, enter the item you want to add to the list and choose the item(s) to add.





You may "Select All" which will include all items shown in the window. You may also create a new group food, by clicking "New Group".