Item Usage Report

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Item Usage Report

This selection generates a report showing on what menus and resident profiles a specific food item appears.

This can be a useful in many ways. One might be in determining the quantities needed to purchase or to have on hand. It might also be handy in menu planning ahead or even if a food item should be offered if the demand is not warranted.

To generate a Usage Report, select the option from the Food Items section. A window appears for you to enter the food item you are inquiring about.

Start entering the food item you are inquiring about in the search field. The system will start displaying all items matching your entry. Select the desired item.

Select the Cycle menu from the drop down under Cycle Menu.

Select the resident group to use for the report.




In this example, the user typed in "scramb" to start the search, when the list of items that contained the search word 'scramb' came up, he selected scrambled Egg. He wants to see where this item is in the Spring/Summer Cycle, All Meals, for All Residents.




In the report shown above, scrambled egg is being served every day for Breakfast. But, it doesn't show any residents with scrambled egg in their profile.