Integration - Residents

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Integration - Residents

Residents from EHR Integration


MealTracker will initially pull the residents from your EHR and display them in the "Residents" column On your MealTracker dashboard, showing they are "Pending Review".  


Dashboard_Residents Pending Review


The specific information that will be sent from your EHR will vary based on your EHR provider as well as the information entered into that EHR.

You will need to click on each resident and complete all necessary information for that resident.


Resident EHR Linking

A resident in MealTracker can be linked to the EHR by entering the resident's medical record number (MRN#). Enter the resident's MRN# on the EHR Integration>Resident's tab. The list of residents on this tab can be filtered to show all residents in your facility or just residents without an MRN#.


EHR Integration_Residents