Integration - Notifications

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Integration - Notifications

You can now set MealTracker to deliver notifications whenever changes are made to a resident’s Weight , Allergies, Room number and Discharge Status.  If you're using MatrixCare Integration you can also retrieve diet orders.  Once MealTracker is set to receive diet orders details from the EHR system, that system will be the authoritative record for resident diet details. MealTracker users will no longer be able to change the diet details for a resident. The change will need to come through the interface.


Setup Notifications

To set up notifications, go to EHR Integration, Notifications




Viewing Notifications

The following will be displayed when there are any resident modifications in the areas mentioned.


Dashboard_EHR Integration_Notifications        


Right above "Pending review" residents is a new list of residents with notifications. They can go to the profile or quickly display the notifications by clicking on the badge next to the resident's name which shows the # of notifications. Notifications only show up for 3 days, then they are ignored. Notifications will display until cleared for that specific resident so that we have confirmation that someone saw it and did what they needed to do with the        information. Notifications will also display in the resident profile and can be cleared from there or from the main screen of MT for convenience
Once you have made your appropriate modifications or changes, you can then clear the notifications by clicking on the notification and clicking on “OK, Clear”.