Integration - Allergies

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Integration - Allergies

The list of allergies from your EHR can be linked to a specific Group Food in MealTracker. This is done from EHR Integration>Allergies. By default, this list will show allergies from the EHR that have not been reviewed.


EHR Integration_Allergies


This list can also be filtered by:

All allergies sent from the EHR

Non-food EHR allergies

Food EHR allergies

EHR allergies for residents


EHR Integration_Allergies_FIlter


From this tab you can perform the following tasks:

Link the allergy from the EHR to a specific group food allergy in MealTracker.

Mark an EHR allergy as a non-food Allergy; This can be done by selecting --Non-food allergy-- from the MealTracker Group Food column, or clicking the checkbox for a group of non-food allergies, clicking Other actions... then select Mark Selected as non-food allergy.

View residents that have the allergy by clicking residents to the far right of the allergy.