Importing a Menu

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Importing a Menu

Only menus created in MealTracker are supported.   These instructions facilitate importing a menu previously created with the MealTracker software.  

To import a menu:

1.  On the DETAILS column, Click Cycle Menus

2.  Click Cycle Menu Features







 3. Click the Import Cycle Menu link.





         4. Menu Source - There are three possible sources to import a menu from:

-Internet - If you were informed the menu was available for download, more than likely it is on our server and you would access it from a browser.  Select from the internet. If you select the Internet, enter the name of        the menu in the "Menu Name" field.
-Menu Library - If a Corporation creates your menus, they probably have the menus available in their library. Make this selection. If you selected Menu Library, the available menus appear in the box of menus to                import. Select the menu you want to import.
-My Computer - you were given the menu on a flash drive or transferred from a network drive, make this selection. If you selected "My Computer,” Click "Choose File" to browse to the location of the file to import.





 5. Click Import.

 6. Select if you are importing the menu as a new cycle or if you are replacing an existing cycle. Enter a menu name if you want to change it.




 7. Check each box for the options available that you want to import with the new menu.  Follow any instructions from your corporate office or dietitian for assistance with the options. Click Next to continue.

 8. The system displays imported diets, meal categories, Production job types and consistencies for you to match the corresponding items in your system. This enables you to match them to their equivalents if they are not exactly the        same. When a green check mark is displayed on the bottom right of each matching screen, you may proceed to the next screen




         9.  The computer displays a message that the import is complete if it is successful and will immediately take you to the "New Items Group Foods" screen. This allows you to add any new items imported with the new menu into                existing group foods. This process may be postponed until later by navigating out of the screen.


When the import is complete, the new menu cycle appears in cycle menu list and is ready to work with.

Remember to set the menu as active when it is the current cycle. To set a menu as "Active" mouse over the cycle menu and click "Set Active". You are prompted to confirm. Once confirmed you will see the status set to "Active"