Getting Started

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Getting Started

This chapter is designed to help you begin using MealTracker. The section directs you to enter resident information and menu data that are the primary functions of creating tray tickets. This section also familiarizes you with the basics of how the system works.

Please allow yourself the time to review the Getting Started section to familiarize yourself with the system before you start using MealTracker.

The basic building blocks of the MealTracker system are the complete cycle menu extended for each diet, and the detailed resident profiles. Each day the user must perform a process called Auto-Select, that compares the resident profiles to the cycle menus to produce individualized tray tickets, meal snack labels, and exact tally production sheets.

Initial setup consists of getting the menus and resident information entered so the auto-select process can successfully produce accurate tray tickets and reports.

The MealTracker Home Page is also referred to as the MealTracker Dashboard. From this screen, you can access all the functions of the application. It contains three sections:

On the top left section you may select to work with MealTracker or the Nutrition area of MealTracker.  

The right section of the toolbar provides shortcuts to some functions and advanced options. From the toolbar menus, you access Tools, Reports, Settings and Help.

The prominent section of the screen is the Daily task launcher where you access the daily functions of the application. It contains three sections. Residents, Daily Tasks, and Details.