Food Items

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Food Items

This Folder is where the Food item maintenance is conducted. Here you are able to:

Create, edit, maintain, and delete Food Items. This includes portion, consistency, meal category and all other instructions attached to that food item.

Create and maintain Food Groups

Create and maintain condiments and exceptions.

Print reports based on these food items.



The selections in this folder are:

Change food item - Allows you to view and edit Food Items

Add New Food Item - Create a new food item.

Delete Food Items - Delete a food item

Food Item Consistencies - Enables you to view and edit consistency options attached to food items

Production Details - You can view and edit the production job type and meal categories assigned to each food item.

Food Item Condiments - View, Add, Edit and Delete condiments attached to a food item.

Food Item Exceptions- View, Add, Edit and Delete exceptions attached to a food item.

Food Item Costs - Allows you to enter a manual cost for your food items. Any costs previously entered are displayed.

Group Foods- You can create, edit and delete group foods.

New Items to Group Foods - Allows you to add new food items from imported cycles to existing group foods.

Group Food List Report - Shows/prints a report of all items in a food group.

Print Food Items Report - Produces a list of all the food items in the system.

Item Usage Report - Allows you to see and print a report depicting the actual usage (where a food item is found). It displays the resident profiles where it appears as well as what menus the food item is listed on.