Food Item Exceptions

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Food Item Exceptions

Normally when building a menu, each menu item satisfies one meal category such as Entree, vegetable or starch.

Sometimes however, a food item covers more than one category. An example would be a Casserole or stew which contains a meat, vegetable and a starch. This item would then satisfy three categories and you want to avoid serving an additional starch or vegetable. In this case, you would create a menu "exception"

When you select "Food Item Exceptions" from the Food Item section of the Details Column, the screen shown below emerges. This screen displays all of the food items in your database with the exceptions attached, if any. If they have exceptions attached, the food item is displayed in bold.




You can search for a food item by typing in a portion of the name in the search field.

If you want to Add or edit exceptions to a food item Click "Edit" on the right of the food item. A form displays for you to select the exceptions for the item.

**You must select at least two items to create and exception.




When you have selected the categories that are applied to the food item as exceptions, click Save Exceptions to save the selections.

Whenever that item appears on a menu, the food item is the source for all the categories selected as exceptions and additional items in those categories will not be served even if they are on the menu.