Food Item Condiments

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Food Item Condiments

This selection from the Food Items section displays any condiments which can be attached to food items. From this screen you can modify, add and delete condiments to a food item.

When you make this selection the following screen is displayed:




When you enter a food item name in the search, the Food item appears. When you selected that item, any condiments attached to the item appears under the Condiments column.

If there are no condiments and you want to add one or more, Select the item then click Edit on the right of the page.

The select food item, portion and diet screen appears for you to select a condiment




When the condiment you searched for appears, select the portion and diet(s) you want to add it to, then click Add then Save Condiments.

If the item does not appear, you are able to create it (Add a New Food Item) in the database and quickly add it as a condiment without leaving this process.

When you have completed adding the condiment, it appears with the master item when searched and on the tray tickets.