Food Preference Assessment

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Food Preference Assessment

The Food Preference Assessment pulls information from different locations in MealTracker to provide an overall view of the resident's preferences for meals and specific foods.  Running the Food Preference Assessment can be done for an individual resident from the Resident Profile>Actions>Food Preference Assessment or for multiple residents from Reports>Resident Reports>Food Preference Assessments.


Food Preference Assessment contains the following information:

Resident Demographics


Adaptive Equipment



Special Requests

Menu Item Substitutions

Category Refusals

Between Meal Snacks

Days Meals Skipped

Additional Comments


Running the Food Preference Assessment report from Reports>Resident Reports:

From Reports, under Resident Reports, select Food Preference Assessments.




OR from the Resident Profile:



Select who the reports should be created for, then click Show.

oAll Residents - This will run the report for all residents in the facility.




oChoose Residents - As you type the resident's name, resident's whose name contains what has been typed will appear in the list. If you do not see the resident you wish to add, type more of the name. Then click the resident's name from the list when it appears.  You can repeat this step until you have chosen all of the residents to run this report for.




oRoom Range - select the first and last room in the range for the residents whose reports is needed.




oResident Group - This will display all of the groups you have setup for your facility.