Food Item Costs

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Food Item Costs

This is the worksheet where you can add a cost to your food items.




The worksheet allows you to enter a manual cost for one or multiple food items. Select the menu and diet to work with or "All items" All items will automatically include "All Diets".

You can search for a specific item by typing in the item name in the search box. You can also select the appropriate check boxes to show only items with recipes and/or only items that are not costed.

Enter the cost of the item per serving size. Then press enter or click out of the box to save the cost.




 If there is a recipe attached to the food item, that recipe appears under the corresponding heading. You can click the recipe name to change the matching. If the word "Recipe" is displayed, you can        attach it the food item to a recipe, click the word Recipe and the matching screen is displayed for you to attach it to an existing recipe.

If it displays "Prepared Item” it is an item that is matched directly to a USDA item or store bought and does not require a recipe.