Facility Name / Cycle Start

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Facility Name / Cycle Start

This screen allows you to ADD or CHANGE your facility name.

This appears throughout the MealTracker System on various printouts and reports. Enter the name as you would like it to appear in the program and on your reports. You can include the other data, but it isn't required.





         When you enter the facility information, move on to selecting the Cycle Start Day directly below this form.

Select the day your cycle starts.

When done, click Save Facility Information.

Note: Your Start Cycle Day represents the first day of the first week of your cycle or day 1. For example, if you select Sunday, then your week goes from Sunday to Saturday representing days 1 through 7.


Chart of cycle days:

Week One 1-7

Week Two 8-14

Week Three 15-21

Week Four 22-28

Note: Therefore, if your cycle start day is Sunday and you wanted to print a report for Week two Thursday, the day# representative is 12.