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Add New Recipe

 This selection enables you to enter a recipe for your facility.


 Select " Create Recipe" from the Recipes section of the Details column to access this feature.


 The following form is displayed ready to enter the Basic Details of the new recipe:




Fill in the recipe information. Food Item and Portion columns are required.

Recipe number: You can enter any unique number you want to identify the recipe with. This could be a corporate internal number or a personal reference number. If you want, you can have MealTracker assign the number                     automatically.

Recipe Name: Enter a recipe name

Category: Choose a category from the drop down list or enter a new one.

Portion Size: Enter the portion size. This must be a number greater than 0.

Portion Unit: Unit of measure. For example: Oz, Cups, Tablespoon, etc.

Number of Servings: Enter the number of servings for this recipe

Oven Cooking Time: Enter the cooking time

Oven Temperature: Enter the oven cooking temperature

Cool / Stand Time: Enter how long the item should cool/stand before serving.

Pan Size: Enter the pan size for cooking.

Number of Pans: Enter the number of pans of the size stated, to cook the item for the number of servings specified.

When the items above have been entered the recipe basic information is saved. If a recipe number was to be generated, it will do so.

Now you will need to enter the remaining recipe information. The tabs on top allow you to navigate to the various components to complete a recipe: Ingredients, Procedures, Notes, Exchanges and Scaling.





 Click on "Ingredients" to enter the recipe ingredients.

 Click on the "Add an Ingredient" button

 Type in the ingredients one by one filling in the respective information for quantity and unit of measure. Click Save when you are ready to add the ingredient to the list.

 You may Edit or Delete the ingredient once it has been added by selecting the ingredient, then clicking on Edit to modify it or X to delete it.









After entering your ingredient information, now you're ready to enter procedures. For instance, "Wash lettuce and cut into bite size pieces”; "Sauté onions and mushrooms in butter, then set aside"

To Add a new procedure, Click Add a Procedure.

Enter the procedure in the procedure text box provided. When done click Save.

Enter as many procedures as you feel are necessary.

To edit a procedure, select the procedure to edit then click Edit.

To delete a procedure, select the procedure and click X to delete it.

*The Monitor and Corrective Action fields are for Critical Control Points (CCP) cooking (temperature) specific instructions. If you are not using Critical Control Points then leave these fields blank. These text fields appear in the recipe for your convenience. They have no other function within the MealTracker program. Additionally, you can enter CCP instructions (for example: rinse, wash, thaw temperature specifics) within the Procedure and Notes fields.

Notes: Enter any miscellaneous text notes for this recipe

To add a note, click Add a Note. Type the text in the note text box. When done click Save.

To edit a note, select the note to edit then click "Edit".

To delete a note, select the note and click X to delete it.

Exchanges: Enter diabetic or other dietary exchanges here.

To add an exchange, click "Add an Exchange". Type the text in the exchange text box. When done click Save.

To edit an exchange, select the exchange to edit then click Edit.

To delete an exchange, select the exchange and click X to delete it.

Scaling: MealTracker will automatically scale recipes entered to 20, 50, 100, and 200 servings. This is calculated based on the quantities originally entered for each ingredient in the recipe. If you need to adjust these quantities, you can do so here. Place your mouse over the item to edit. Then click Edit on the right of the item.