Enter Selective Menus

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Enter Selective Menus

This function is used to enter a Select Resident's menu choices into the system.

Choose "Enter Selective Meals" from Meal Selections of the Daily Tasks column

Enter the resident name or room number, select the resident. Select the Cycle, week, day and meal you desire to work with.

**For informational purposes and convenience, MealTracker displays the last resident for which selections were entered and will list the date last selections were made for your residents on the right hand side. You can choose any of the residents listed by clicking "Enter Selective Meals" for the corresponding resident.




The page will now list all of the available menu items and the current choices for the resident if nothing is selected.


Select items to add by clicking the check box to the left of the item.

This displays the item in the resident's current selections on the "Resident's Meal" form.

If you want to automatically replace a food item within a category, then check the box to "Auto-replace by meal category" next to "Available Choices". Checking this selection will ensure that they receive only one item in that category. If you do not have this box selected, all of the food items checked are added in addition to and regardless of any other food items already selected for that category.





If you want to remove an item, just "uncheck" the item. This will remove it from the resident's selections. You can un-select the condiment(s) as well.

Directly from this screen you can:

1.Edit the resident profile

2.Add an item note to a food item by placing the mouse over the food item then clicking the +Add button under "Item Note"

3.Make a consistency and/or portion change for any item by hovering over the item then clicking the desired selection from the drop down menu.

4.You can change the entry day by changing the Menu/Week/Day selection then click "Go".

5.Add a new food item by clicking the "+Add a..." selection over Available options.

6.When you have completed working on the current resident's selections you can go on to the next resident by clicking Next Resident or go back to the previous resident by clicking the Left Arrow.

Select Printer Print - This link on the upper right of the virtual ticket sends the selections in a tray ticket format directly to a selected printer.

Select new Resident - if you want to work with a different resident click the right or left arrow to navigate through your residents or use the drop down to reveal a search box where you can enter another resident's name or room number.

Click the Calendar to select residents by date.





When the resident is selected, MealTracker displays the corresponding items for the resident.

Batch Options:

Use the drop down to select

Batch Add

Batch Remove

Batch Portions

Batch Clear.