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The dislikes list in the resident profile includes all of the items a resident dislikes. The list is displayed alphabetically with an asterisk to the left of any group foods.

When auto selecting, the system will eliminate as a possible choice, any item(s) found in the dislikes list (including all items found in group foods).

It is important to recognize that the system eliminates all disliked items even if it means there are no available choices left. That is why it is important to include as many alternates as possible on the cycle menus and to include standard alternates in the always offered menu.

 You may also want to consider using the Menu Item Substitutions tool for refusing food items. If you want to replace a menu item that the resident chooses not to be served, the Menu Item Substitutions tool might be more                appropriate. The difference is that the dislikes tool eliminates one item or group of items included in a "group food" and directs the system to choose the menu alternate for that day, if there is one. If both the first item        and                alternates are disliked, a substitution will not be made. When you add a substitution, you ensure that a food item that is favored by the resident is being served.


  To “Add” a dislike to the resident's profile:


       1. From the Resident profile screen, select Dislikes in the Preferences tab. A screen displays any current dislikes on the right. If there is nothing on the right, there are no current dislikes for the resident. .





2. On the left is a search field under the title Add Dislikes. Start to type the food item you want to add and a list appears of matched or similarly named items. Select the item you want to include in the resident's dislikes then click Add. This will place the item in the Current Dislikes box.

3. If you want to include all of the items that appeared in the search box, click Select All. All of the items are selected.

4. If either the search or the current dislikes displays a group food, you can highlight that group food and click the Edit Group button to display the items within that group. You can also add or remove items from that group.




 To delete an item in the current dislikes, place you mouse over the item you want to delete and click the red X, Confirm the deletion to complete the process.