Diet Cards

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Diet Cards

Diet Cards - This selection enables you to print Diet Cards. Diet Cards are a set of tray tickets based solely on a resident's special requests, likes and dislikes. The special requests entered in the individual resident profiles is printed in the body of the ticket with any category/item notes and notepad text.

Note: It is suggested that you print tray tickets with it is full menu capabilities as opposed to diet cards. Diet cards do not accurately reflect what is being served to the residents and limit your reporting capabilities. Diet cards do not use a menu. Therefore if you print diet cards, you will not be able to produce any valid data for production sheets or integrate with the NutriTracker and CostTracker modules. See a diet card sample shown at the end of the next chapter "Emergency Diet Cards".

To print diet cards, select diet cards from the Resident Reports menu, the system displays the following form:






             Select the week and day.

       Select the meals for the diet cards to print.

       Select "all residents" or enter the resident's name or room number, range or resident group.

       Click Print to display the tickets then save or send to the printer.