Delete Food Items

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Delete Food Items


To delete a food item, select "Delete Food Items" from Food Items.

In the Delete Item page, in the search box, enter the food item(s) you want to delete. When it appears on the list, highlight it by clicking the item. If you are deleting more than one item, hold the Ctrl key and select all items to delete.

If you want to replace it with a different item, enter the name of that item in the "Select Replacement Item" search field.

Select the portion size for the replacement.




When done making your selections, Click Delete. This will delete the original item(s) and replace it with the item you have chosen as the replacement food item.

If you'd like to see where and when the item is used before you delete it, click the "Item Usage" button on the lower left. This generates a report indicating on what menus or resident profiles the food item appears. With this information, you can now, proceed to delete / replace the item or cancel the deletion.