Cycle Menus

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Cycle Menus

 Details Column > Cycle Menus along with your resident profiles are the most important elements of the system. This section describes the many aspects of creating, maintaining, editing and printing        Menus.





 The topics covered are:


 Change Menu - Add, modify and delete food items from extended menus

 Cycle Menu Features - Import, export, add, modify, delete and activate menus

 Batch Menu Change - Make multiple changes to menus at once.

 Copy Menus - Allows you to copy one menu (or part of a menu ) to another menu

 Diet Guides - Allows you to print your menu extended for each diet

 Week-at-a-Glance - Allows you to print your weekly menu

 View Master Menus - Allows you to print your menus by day for all extended diets.

 Menu Production Notes - Create notes for the production sheets that correspond to the menu.