Cycle Menu Features

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Cycle Menu Features

 This section of the Cycle Menus is where your Cycle Menus are managed. From this section you are able to import and export menus, create and delete menu cycles and set which menu is        currently active.

 From the Cycle Menus section of Details, select Cycle Menu Features, a window will appear displaying all the menu cycles that are stored in the system.




         Setting the Active Cycle:

To set a menu cycle as the active cycle (the one you're currently working on), select the cycle by clicking it then click Set Active.

The active cycle will show the word Active under the Status column of this window


         To Delete a Cycle:


Select the cycle you want to delete, then click the red X.


         Note: You cannot delete the Active Cycle. Before deleting a cycle, ensure that you want to perform this permanent action. You cannot recover a cycle once it has been removed from the system.


 To Add a New Cycle:

Click Add a Cycle Menu, a new window will open for you to enter the name of the new cycle and the number of weeks in that cycle.





When you have entered the name and number of weeks, click Create. The new cycle appears in the list of cycle menus.

Note: The cycle has been entered but it is a blank cycle. You can now start to add food items to the cycle or copy another cycle menu to the new cycle menu.

 To Import a menu:

 1.  Click the Cycle Menus from the Details column.

 2.  Click Cycle Menu Features.







 3.  Click on Import Cycle Menu. A new window will open. Select if the import is from the "Internet", from the "Menu Library" or  from "My Computer" . If you select "Internet" simply type in the name of the file in the area                shown. If the import file is in the Menu Library (menu is from a corporate office) or if it's on your computer, use the "Browse" button to navigate to the location where you have it stored.




         Note : The menu file must have been created with MEALTRACKER


         4. Click on Import

         5. Select if you are importing the menu as a new cycle or if you are replacing an existing cycle. Type in a menu name if you wish to change it.

         6. Check each box to import exceptions, condiments, consistencies and portion information from this new menu. Unless you are instructed to the contrary, you want to check all of the boxes. Click Next.

         7. The system will display imported diets, meal categories, production job types and consistencies for you to match them to the corresponding items in your system.. This will enable you to match them to their equivalents if they are                not exactly the same. Click next once the matching is complete for each screen.




         8. The computer will display a message that the import is complete if it is successful.


         When the import is complete, the new menu cycle will appear in cycle menu list and is ready to work with.

         Remember to set the menu as active when it is the current cycle. To set a menu as "Active" mouse over the cycle menu and click on "Set Active" you will be prompted to confirm. Once confirmed you'll see the status set to "Active"


         Note: To import recipes, please go to the section titled Import Recipes in the Details Column under Recipes.