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Copy Recipe

The Copy Recipe feature allows you to copy a recipe.

You can find that you want an exact duplicate of a recipe but with certain modifications without changing the original.

For instance you would like to have a sugar free Apple Pie. You copy the original recipe for Apple Pie because essentially it contains the same ingredients and procedures. You name the new recipe "Sugar Free Apple Pie" and modify the sugar content or substitute the sugar with a non-caloric sweetener in the recipe. It saves you from having to create a completely new recipe.

Yet another reason to copy a recipe: Since you can't modify MealTracker Recipes, you may want to copy a MealTracker recipe and give it your own name. That recipe is now your facility recipe and you have the ability to modify it.

To Copy a Recipe:

Select this option from the Recipes section of the Details Column

A form with a search box appears.

Enter the name or number of the recipe you would like to copy.

The recipe should be displayed. Select the correct recipe from the list displayed.

On the bottom of this window is the new recipe data. Enter the number of the new recipe or have the system generate one automatically. Enter the name for the new recipe.


 copy recipes


Click Create Recipe to create the new recipe.

The Edit Recipe page is then displayed for you to make the necessary changes to the new recipe. See Change or Create Recipe or for further instructions on modifying any of the recipe components.